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Fragrant Flower Kit


This wonderful selection of highly scented flowers will bring another dimension of enjoyment to your garden. Their sweet fragrance will also attract pollenating bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects. Grow them to perfume your garden and your home.

The kit contains the following varieties:

  • 1 packet of Sweet Rocket Seeds
  • 1 packet of Night Phlox Seeds
  • 1 packet of Stocks - Dwarf Annual Ten Week Mixed Seeds
  • 1 packet of Sweet Pea Mix - Perfumed Favourites Seeds
  • 1 packet of Night Scented Stocks Seeds
  • 1 packet of Nicotiana - Fragrant Cloud Seeds
  • 6 Starter Growing Pots made from Peat
  • 6 Peat Blocks which expand when watered
  • 6 Plant Markers and Sowing and Growing Tips.

The seeds in this kit are of UK origin.

Sowing & Growing instructions

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