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Gourmet Flower Kit


Decorate your dishes and excite your taste buds! Grow your own Gourmet Flowers - a specially selected range of seeds to grow edible flowers which are suitable for sweet and savoury dishes and which will also add a splash of colour to your garden.

Edible flowers have been used for centuries in cooking or as decoration for various dishes. Today many top restaurants use them to enhance salads with their colour, texture and intriguing flavours as well as for decoration on starters, cakes and many other dishes.

Inside the box you will find everything you need to start growing your Gourmet Flowers . So whether you have an allotment, courtyard garden, balcony or windowsill you will be able to grow flowers which will look good and taste good too!

The kit contains the following varieties: 1 packet of French Marigold Red Brocade seeds, 1 packet of Cornflower Blue Boy seeds, 1 packet of Calendula Orange King seeds, 1 packet of Dianthus Sugar Baby seeds, 1 packet of Nasturtium Jewel Mix seeds and 1 packet of Wild Pansy seeds.

Also included in the box are: 6 starter growing pots made from peat 6 peat blocks which expand when watered 6 plant markers and Sowing & Growing Tips.

Sowing & Growing instructions

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