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3 Funky Propagator Pods


Most propagators are oblong, now there is a choice with this new shaped Pod.

Specially designed for a windowsill, the canny thing is that you can individually rotate each pot towards the light, a great advantage to encourage seedlings to grow upright. Three vibrant colours break the mould from the usual green and black.

Each pod has 8 pots which can be used over and over again for germinating seedlings.

Each funky propagator pod has a base, colours red, green and yellow, clear lid and 8 pots. Ideal accessory gift with our selection of seed kits: Funky Veg Kit, Psychedelic Salad Kit, Hot Chilli & Sweet Pepper Kit and the Herb Garden Kit.

Pod Dimensions: 21cm dia x H13cm
Pot Dimensions; 6cm dia x H6cm

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