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Butterfly B&B with Flower Seeds


By creating a habitat for butterflies you can help with their conservation and also enjoy watching these beautiful creatures as they flutter through your garden in search of sweet nectar. Creating a butterfly garden is an easy way to help butterflies as many of their natural habitats are disappearing.

Our Butterfly House is an attractive addition to your garden which gives migrating and hibernating butterflies and moths a helping hand by providing them with a place to shelter. The slots are an ideal size to keep birds and predators out, whilst affording butterflies protection from wind and weather. The base can be removed for cleaning and for placing long twigs and pieces of bark inside to give your visitors a resting spot. We recommend that you mount the house on a tree, post or fence in a warm sheltered spot.

Our Flower Seeds for Butterflies have been specially selected to attract butterflies and other beneficial insects to your garden. The colourful blend of hardy annuals are easy to grow and will flower throughout the summer. By having a nectar source close by, butterflies are more likely to visit your Butterfly House. The Butterfly B&B with the Flower Seeds for Butterflies are gift-boxed.

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