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Essential Garden Tool Bag


Durable waterproof canvas tote bag with tools included.

  • Plenty of outside pockets to keep tools separate, tidy and organised
  • Tools: hand trowel, bulb trowel, weed popper, 3 pronged cultivator and hand fork
  • Also included: small misting spray, secateurs, garden tie and one size gardening gloves
  • All in a gift box - it makes an excellent present for any gardener

The Essential Garden Tool Bag is just that, a durable waterproof canvas tote bag which is flexible and has lots of outside pockets to keep tools separate and tidy. It includes all items pictured including hand trowel, hand fork, bulb trowel, weed popper and 3 pronged cultivator - each tool has a wooden handle. There is also a small misting spray bottle, a reel of garden tie, secateurs and a pair of one size nonslip gardening gloves - all in a gift box, it makes a perfect gift for any gardener.

Tote bag measures: width 40cm inc pockets x height 42cm.

Tools measure: Hand Trowel & Bulb Trowel L 31cm, 3 pronged cultivator L28cm, hand fork L 28cm, weed popper L 30cm.

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