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Healthy Caterpillar Grow Kit


A fun and educational grow kit, hours of fun can be had and everything is contained in this gift box to get you started including instructions and growing tips.
  • A fun and educational grow kit – learn about seed germination and plant growth – part of the national curriculum.
  • Everything you need to get started in one box, Caterpillar propagator with clear lid & 7 pots which can be used again and again
  • 7 ‘magic’ peat growing discs that expand when watered, 7 Plant Markers, Caterpillar eyes and mouth sticker
  • 7 different ‘character’ easy to grow vegetables, each character introduces itself
  • Full instructions and growing tips, all in a Gift Box

You can grow Tommy Tomato, Lottie Lettuce, Sammy Sweetcorn, Bertie Bean, Ruby Red Pepper, Polly Pea and Pamela Pumpkin. Watch the ‘magic’ peat discs expand when watered, use the 7 plant markers to identify the characters, bring the caterpillar to life with the self-adhesive eyes and mouth sticker. All designed to fit on a windowsill and presented in a colourful gift box. Each character introduces itself: Tommy Tomato – I’m a delicious juicy tumbling tomato! Lottie Lettuce – I am small with a big heart! Sammy Sweetcorn – I’m an extra tender cob with fantastic taste! Bertie Bean – I’m stringless and oh so tender! Ruby red Pepper – I’m so healthy I have more vitamin C than an orange! Polly Pea – Try me – I’m a rich green plump pea! Pamela Pumpkin – I’m a very tasty pumpkin and I light up Halloween!

Lots of fun and educational at the same time encouraging children from an early age to ‘grow your own’ – Home grown vegetables taste so good!

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