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Ladybird Lodge & Flower Seeds


Ladybirds are an asset to any garden. They have been prized by gardeners for centuries for their voracious appetite of aphids, greenfly, mites and other damaging insects. In its lifespan a ladybird will devour more than 5000 aphids!

This Ladybird Lodge and the specially selected Flower Seeds to lure Ladybirds will help you to create an environment to encourage ladybirds to shelter, breed, hibernate and thrive in your garden - providing an organic, natural means of pest control.

The Lodge provides a spot for ladybirds to congregate and has been part filled with pine cones to offer inviting nooks and crannies. Ladybirds seem to prefer light coloured wood and the slot openings which allow the ladybirds to crawl in and out also provide air circulation and light whilst affording shelter from wind, rain and predators.

We recommend that you mount the Lodge on a fence, post or tree, close to the ground in the shelter of plants. A major attraction for ladybirds to come and, more importantly, stay in your garden is food. Ladybirds eat two things - pest insects and pollen.

The Flower Seeds to Lure Ladybirds have been specially selected to attract ladybirds to your garden. The colourful blend which includes Calendula, Cosmos, Feverfew, Coriander, Dill and Chives is easy to grow and should be sown in well-drained soil in early spring (the latter three herb varieties should be allowed to go to flower). If you avoid toxic chemicals and take care of the ladybirds in your garden you will be rewarded with a small army of pest eaters, keeping aphids and greenfly under control.

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