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Paper Pot Maker Gift Set


Everything you need and more in this set to make biodegradable pots from newspaper easily.

Ideal for starting seedlings, young plants or cuttings. Paper pots slip off the press ready to be filled with compost. Eco friendly - helps recycle newspaper, also helps eliminate transplant shock, plant the whole pot - the newspaper quickly decomposes. Makes paper pots 4.5cm dia x 5.5cm high. Full instructions included.

Makes a great gift for anyone with green fingers. Recommended for any gardeners toolbox.

The set contains:

  • Wooden pot maker
  • 10 wooden plant markers, a pencil
  • 15 brown craft paper seed envelopes, pre-printed with 'variety', 'date' and 'notes' for the gardener to keep tabs!
  • All in a gift box

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